We are hiring - Account Coordinator

Portfolio is seeking an ambitious, skilled and highly organized individual to act as Account Coordinator. Recent university or college graduates with public relations, marketing and/or communications degrees and relevant internship experience are preferred. Communication expertise, outstanding time management skills, and a passion for marketing communications are essential to succeed in this position.

The Role

The Account Coordinator plays an important role in supporting the account management team by planning and executing public relations and social media campaigns and managing client needs. Account Coordinator responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Public Relations

  • Developing media lists for client announcements and press outreach
  • Writing press releases, newsletters and media materials on behalf of clients
  • Securing print and online coverage for clients through targeted media outreach and pitching
  • Communicating directly with press and social influencers on behalf of Portfolio and its clients
  • Writing press backgrounders and media training documents for clients prior to briefings
  • Tracking all press coverage, clipping press hits and creating monthly press hit reports

Social Media

  • Managing Portfolio’s social media profiles, including posting daily updates and tracking engagement
  • Writing and editing blog posts and website articles on a weekly basis
  • Developing plans for online contests and determining the most effective execution methods
  • Implementing and tracking social media campaigns on behalf of Portfolio and its clients


  • Account Coordination
  • Creating and maintaining events/awards/speaking engagement calendars for clients
  • Researching industry trends and staying up-to-date on current events and news
  • Drafting copy for media kits, websites, brochures and other marketing materials
  • Contributing to strategic positioning and messaging documents
  • Advising on web and print design and corporate identity
  • Attending and taking notes at internal and client meetings
  • Preparing meeting schedules and call agendas for clients
  • Managing interns and providing feedback on intern projects
  • Providing recommendations on how to improve ongoing campaigns and projects
  • Supporting account management team with additional tasks as needed

Required skills

  • Excellent communicator
  • Skilled writer
  • Social media savvy
  • Extremely organized
  • Professional demeanour
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Proficient multitasker
  • Resourcefulness
  • Drive to succeed
  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership qualities
  • Fast learner
  • Efficient worker

Important information

  • Job type: Full-time, on-site
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience: 1-3 years
  • Travel: Some regional travel as required.


How to apply

To apply for the Account Coordinator position at Portfolio, please send a cover letter and resume to stories@weareportfolio.com

We accept applications on a rolling basis and will contact you if we are interested in pursuing your application further.

We are hiring - Account manager/Strategist

Portfolio represents a new kind of communications company.  One based in strategy that connects, engages and delivers real bottom line results.  We’re looking for a new team member.


Communicators. Thinkers. Dreamers. Challengers. Doers. Creators. Builders. Innovators. Disruptors.

The ideal candidate understands that good strategy is the foundation of great creativity and execution that delivers results.  You’ll demonstrate your ability to combine strategic thinking with your understanding of emerging platforms and new media.

Your insatiable curiosity combined with the ability to translate market intelligence and ideas are essential. Portfolio’s product is smart/intuitive people and we want our clients to understand the value that Portfolio team members bring to every engagement.  At Portfolio we make ourselves essential through a deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses, their stakeholders and the objectives they want to achieve.

You will be responsible for advising, as well as formulating strategies in order to help connect our clients’ products and services to their stakeholders.


Portfolio is looking for a Communications Strategist who will be responsible for delivering key insights that provide rigour and structure to communication plans. We are looking for individuals who see platforms as vehicles to tell brand stories. Qualified candidates will be able to effectively assist with multiple projects, clients, and new business prospects to give ideas an extra dimension. The position will be responsible for not only translating marketing objectives into campaign strategies but will also be tasked with proficiently managing campaigns throughout all phases of the project — from stakeholder engagement to idea development and execution.


· Bring communications planning alive and show clients how they can better connect with stakeholders to achieve the results they’re looking for

· Challenge and inspire teams to think differently about media channels and platforms

· Perform targeting exercises and develop deep human insights to inform ways in which creative and media can connect with audiences

· Support clients in understanding how audiences connect with brands through media and technology and how the proper partner, content, and sequencing can tell a holistic story

· Provide thought leadership in the following areas: consumer behaviour, creative media engagements, emerging media, accountability and measurement

· Go above and beyond simply making recommendations. The candidate’s duties will be taken to the next level to play an active role in the implementation and management of our solutions-based ideas.


· Minimum 3–5 years communications planning experience with excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills in both official languages

·  Experience working with brands

·  Strong organizational, interpersonal, and project management skills

·  Open to travel as necessary

·  Digitally connected and curious

How to apply

To apply for the Account manager/Strategist position at Portfolio, please send a cover letter and resume to stories@weareportfolio.com

We accept applications on a rolling basis and will contact you if we are interested in pursuing your application further.

Be Prepared

Four years ago this month, our city was rocked by events we still struggle to understand. On that day our quiet little city lost some of its innocence and we were faced with the hard reality that tragedy can strike anywhere.

Around the world, 24-hour cable news reminds us on a daily basis that the world is changing. Safety is precious and cannot be taken for granted.

What this is teaching us is that organizations need to be ready for the unplanned and the impossible.  The “it can’t to me” type of planning that many public and private businesses have banked on may not be okay anymore.  It’s key for employers and employees to know what to do in times of crisis. That’s where planning and preparation come into effect.

The need for crisis communication may also be needed in other organizational scenarios like hacking issues, a flood of social media complaints, executives who act out of line and make (negative) headlines, or any other situation that could damage an organizations reputation or interrupt business as usual.

A key part of the planning for any potential crisis is knowing what and how to communicate.  The rationale is to provide simple, effective and practical tools to all those who may require them that will assist in the response to a situation posing a crisis or potential crisis.  When an organization works through a crisis on an ad-hoc basis it runs unnecessary risk. Developing a crisis communications will help to eliminate the guesswork and ensure organizations and their staff are confident as to their role.

When an emergency occurs, the need to communicate is immediate. If business operations are disrupted, customers will want to know how they will be impacted. Regulators may need to be notified and local government officials will want to know what is going on in their community. Employees and their families will be concerned and want information. Neighbours near the event may need information—especially if they are threatened by the incident. All of these “audiences” will want information before the business has a chance to begin communicating.

A business must be able to respond promptly, accurately and confidently during an emergency in the hours and days that follow. Many different audiences must be reached with information specific to their interests and needs. The image of the business can be positively or negatively impacted by public perceptions of the handling of the incident.

It’s important for businesses to begin thinking about their preparedness. If you’re unsure of your ability to manage crisis, reach out to experts that can assist you through it. Begin thinking about audiences and how each will be informed and engaged. Being unprepared is not an acceptable excuse. Make sure you’re ready with a plan and continue to hope we never need to use it.

Mike Randall is a communications and engagement specialist and Managing Partner with Portfolio Solutions in Moncton.  He can be reached at mike@weareportfolio.com

Portfolio 2.0

Recently the Portfolio team set out on a quest. A quest that was going to get to the bottom of who we really are as a company, resurface and refocus our core strengths, identify our weaknesses, and ultimately highlight our competitive advantage and the true value we bring to our clients.

In true Portfolio fashion, we went through our own discovery process. We researched, engaged in brainstorming sessions, asked each other tough questions that probed new thinking and ultimately inspired this action. After this process, we realized that we had instinctively shifted from a full-service marketing communications agency to a firm that provided unique strategic marketing communications, and business solutions.

We knew that we have a cluster, or “portfolio”, of extremely valuable services that we provide, but we weren’t communicating our story as well as we could have been. We offer our clients unique solutions in the form of communications, marketing, stakeholder engagement, funding acquisition, translation/transcreation, writing, storytelling, and more. We realized that it was okay to focus solely on our strengths and our niche and form strategic partnerships, in order to offer our clients the full package.

Throughout the past few months, Portfolio has shifted our brand story and our image to reflect the professional and strategic solutions we offer. We find it easier to talk about our brand story now that we’ve taken a step back and dialed into our unique offerings, and we’re motivated to move onwards and upwards as strategic solution providers for our clients.

Along with our brand refresh, we’re thrilled to officially launch our new and improved website that we’ve crafted (with the help of some wonderful strategic partners) to support our brand story and its evolution.