Portfolio 2.0

Recently the Portfolio team set out on a quest. A quest that was going to get to the bottom of who we really are as a company, resurface and refocus our core strengths, identify our weaknesses, and ultimately highlight our competitive advantage and the true value we bring to our clients.

In true Portfolio fashion, we went through our own discovery process. We researched, engaged in brainstorming sessions, asked each other tough questions that probed new thinking and ultimately inspired this action. After this process, we realized that we had instinctively shifted from a full-service marketing communications agency to a firm that provided unique strategic marketing communications, and business solutions.

We knew that we have a cluster, or “portfolio”, of extremely valuable services that we provide, but we weren’t communicating our story as well as we could have been. We offer our clients unique solutions in the form of communications, marketing, stakeholder engagement, funding acquisition, translation/transcreation, writing, storytelling, and more. We realized that it was okay to focus solely on our strengths and our niche and form strategic partnerships, in order to offer our clients the full package.

Throughout the past few months, Portfolio has shifted our brand story and our image to reflect the professional and strategic solutions we offer. We find it easier to talk about our brand story now that we’ve taken a step back and dialed into our unique offerings, and we’re motivated to move onwards and upwards as strategic solution providers for our clients.

Along with our brand refresh, we’re thrilled to officially launch our new and improved website that we’ve crafted (with the help of some wonderful strategic partners) to support our brand story and its evolution.