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The Opportunity

Light bladder leakage (LBL) is the loss of small amounts of urine from the bladder during physical activity and generally occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are weakened through childbirth or menopause. It is believed to affect one in three women globally. Up until now, the most common solutions for LBL include adult pads, potentially dangerous surgery or dramatic changes in lifestyle. New Brunswick-based Resilia, through its recent purchase of Uresta™ Continence Care for Women, is poised to address the LBL problem for women across the globe. They were in need of marketing and communications, and business planning solutions that helped introduce the product to the marketplace, drive online sales through uresta.ca and begin to “socialize” light bladder leakage issue. 



The Solution

Portfolio developed a three-year marketing strategy that focused on the idea of providing women who suffer from LBL over the age of 35, that life doesn’t end because you might leak a little when you laugh. With Uresta, life can go on as we know it. We spent a great deal of time getting to know the segment, and at $250, the device is absolutely geared to women aged 35 to 60 with higher incomes who are willing to spend a little more to simply enjoy life.

We developed a strategy that outlined a number of key tactics including the online questionnaire, a digital campaign that highlighted living life to its fullest, participation in health and women's shows, hosting professional lunch and learns, key segment targeting, key partnerships and a national promotion with the Running Room. All of these tactics were geared towards our key segment and reinforced what is truly important to them – living life with no uncomfortable interruptions. 



The Results

The results have been tremendous thus far. The online questionnaire has helped women profile themselves and has led to more online purchases than women who didn’t take the time. The digital campaign increased our social following by 3200%. This has led to many more women participating in the conversation and being educated about the facts. The number of people engaged at trade shows and lunch and learns has been overwhelming, and the Running Room promotion hit that active group of women perfectly. In less than a year, Resilia had seen an 85% increase (year over year) in online sales, and significant increase in demand for the product at pharmacies across Canada. The work also led to Uresta being voted as Consumer Survey Product of the Year –  beating out the two largest manufacturers of incontinence products in the world.