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Case Study Company

New Brunswick Health Council

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The New Brunswick Health Council has a dual mandate of engaging citizens and reporting on health system performance in the province. 


The Opportunity

Portfolio was retained by the NBHC in early 2016 to develop a three-year communications strategy that highlights opportunities for improved citizen engagement and enhanced communications tactics for informing all stakeholders.



The Solution

Portfolio initiated a strategic engagement process which allowed us to connect with key stakeholders.  Using key analytics and market knowledge, we were able to develop 6 unique, actionable segments for NBHC in the Province of NB. This segmentation then formed the basis for a three-year strategic marketing and communications strategy which takes into account the key stakeholder groups, the available resources (financial and personnel) of the Council.


Portfolio worked with NBHC to develop communications approaches tailored to each stakeholder group. We developed key messages, and identified key communication channels in order to ensure all of NBHC’s communications had a focused approach towards those groups where the biggest impact can be achieved. 



The Results

NBHC began executing the strategy in the Fall of 2016.  There are several tactics that have been executed including citizen engagement surveys that involve public awareness collateral, and the development of a new website.  Other tactics are planned to roll out in 2018 and beyond. Early results indicate increased willingness from sector stakeholders’ willingness to participate in the communications process and a desire to be part of the initiative of better informing New Brunswickers towards a goal of healthcare sustainability in our province.  As well, citizen awareness of NBHC is increasing and more citizens are engaging more quickly when asked to participate.

Given their wealth of experience in organizational strategy combined with a genuine interest in understanding our mandate and capacity for improvement, Portfolio has proven to be a valuable partner in our efforts to increase the effectiveness of our communications

— Stephane Robichaud, CEO of NBHC