Training & Mentorship

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Case Study Company

Groupe Savoie


The Opportunity

For the past 18-months, Portfolio has been helping the transition of the Board of Director’s leadership for Groupe Savoie Inc., located in Saint-Quentin N.B. The second-generation family owned company has committed to handing over the organizations destiny to the next generation. With this evolution came the need for business expertise and professional support. Groupe Savoie decided to seek the help of Portfolio for communications and business advice and guidance for the newly appointed Board chair, Nathalie Savoie, to succeed her father in that leadership position.



The Solution

Portfolio began the engagement by developing a tailor-made public relations plan to announce the transition to the public and industry stakeholders. It was paramount to define and communicate what type of leader she was and would continue to become, following in her father’s footsteps. We’ve also offered a full media training session to help her refine her media skills, and also provide ongoing senior council on her leadership responsibilities, in addition to helping with written communication tasks such as speech writing and news releases.



The Results

Portfolio has continued to build a strong working relationship with Ms. Savoie through guiding and advising her in the new role as the Board Chair of one of the largest organization in the forestry field. She has transitioned flawlessly and enjoys her leadership role with the ever growing family company. Portfolio is pleased to continue senior council and support for Nathalie and the organization in management, communications and human resources fields. 

The Portfolio team adapted to the needs of Groupe Savoie Inc. and we have benefit greatly from their vast expertise and know-how in several areas such as communications counsel and training, and business mentorship.

— Nathalie Savoie – Chair of the Board & Vice Present, Human Resources