We meticulously adapt messaging from one language to another to ensure that the intent, style, tone and context is transcreated seamlessly, and evokes the same emotions and carries the same implications in both French and English.


Case Study Company

swiss chalet restaurant


The Opportunity

The famous restaurant chain, Swiss Chalet, was moving its Dieppe location to a new and improved location just down the street. With this new building, came the desire for rebranding of their point of sale material. Portfolio was retained to transcreate all signage wall design to ensure it was true to the regions francophone market. 



The Solution

Portfolio has extensive experience in transcreation – as one of the region’s most bilingual communications firms, we take pride in our ability to successfully and faultlessly transcreate brands, stories, and messaging from English to French and vice versa. Portfolio adapted the Swiss Chalet signage and other messaging quickly and efficiently.  



The Results

The Swiss Chalet corporate team were very pleased with the timeliness and quality of the work, and the Acadian ‘twist’ that was put on some of the thoughts and sayings used. The Swiss Chalet restaurant is currently fully operational and the signage and French implications were all very well-received.